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Cheap Ecommerce Hosting - It's hard enough to find a good web host if you're using a regular website. It does not matter if you are looking for a website that can offer an online store. To simplify your life, we took the initiative to look for the best ecommerce hosting solutions on the market. (Hard data inside).

However, not all ecommerce hosting solutions are the same. If you are in the field of e-commerce, you need something more robust and secure than traditional hosting offerings. In this way you can offer your customers a first-class experience.
This article compares three of our preferred ecommerce hosting solutions. We'll cover the features they provide for online stores, the status of their support and security systems, and their performance. We still have a long way to go, so let's jump!

Cheap Ecommerce Hosting

The main features of an ecommerce hosting solution
If you choose a web host for your ecommerce site, you need to be more selective than usual. Nor do we strictly talk about performance - some hosts simply offer more features that are specifically tailored to the needs of e-commerce.
Do not forget that this is your business. Keeping your site idle for a relatively short time can be brutal for your wallet.
It is estimated that Amazon is not available for about $ 2 million per minute.

Although the situation is probably not so brutal for you, you should not have to deal with a lost dollar because of website issues.

For us, here are the key features to look out for when searching for the right host:

PCI Compliance If your online store accepts credit card payments, your hosting provider must fully comply with PCI standards. This is a requirement. Do not consider this as something you do not need yet. Here's the key part: "PCI applies to ALL organizations or merchants, regardless of their size or number of transactions that accept, transfer or store cardholder data.

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer). With SSL certificates, you can encrypt your customers' data for added protection. They also quickly become the norm beyond e-commerce. Ideally, you should look for a host to help you set up the system. And if the host works with Let's Encrypt, which is free, it's even better.

Dedicated IP addresses: Dedicated IP addresses are reserved for non-shared hosting plans. These are a bit more expensive, but a professional e-commerce site usually guarantees the cost. If you have your own IP address, you can access your website even if your domain is down and you can opt for a private SSL certificate.

Backup function. There are many ways to set up scheduled backups for each platform. However, it is always nice to ask for help from a web host in this regard. A complete hosting package includes regular backups and easy recovery options.

Firewall Solution This is not a revolutionary feature, but it's always good to know that your host has its own firewall solution. In this way, you can protect yourself if your site is attacked by a botnet or by another automated denial of service attempt. This prevents the actual users (in this case your customers) from accessing your online store.

Support around the clock. Downtime is the nightmare of any online store. Not only do you lose potential revenue each time your business becomes unavailable. Your customers may think that your business is not professional. That's why a good ecommerce web host takes all the necessary steps to minimize downtime.

This article tells you which web hosts offer these features. They should help you make an informed decision. If no specific functionality is listed in the Host E-Commerce Features section, the host will not provide this functionality. We also inform you when a key element is only available for certain packages.

However, it is recommended not to make your selections only on the basis of a list of functions. After all, every web host has unique strengths that you want to consider and we'll talk about later.

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