Google Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Cheap Hosting and Domain Registration - Do you know that you can use decent web hosting services for free? While free web hosting has its limitations, it generally meets the basic needs. Like hosting your business website.

How do you find exactly the best hosting service for your needs with countless web hosting services in the market? Reliable availability with good storage and high speeds is essential even for free web hosting, whether you want to build your website from scratch or switch to a new provider. Fortunately, there are many hosting providers that offer great packages and packages in our top 20 list.

Cheapest Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Before discussing the cheapest hosting solutions from 2018, it is best to understand how to find the right hosting provider. Choosing the right web hosting plan and provider is not as easy as window shopping. Also, it's not wise to buy impulse buys based on the cheapest plans because you need to determine if their offers and features meet your needs while you have enough space to grow. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Choose wisely. The frequent change of the supplier can be a burden and cost you more along the way. Some providers offer cheaper rates for annual services. The purchase of domains usually costs less for an existing account than for a new one.
2. Have space to save. The digital space can be quite unpredictable, which means you have to prepare for the worst scenario without going too far. For example, you should have enough room for bandwidth, layout changes, and traffic spikes that can affect your site's performance. Surely you do not want to, because research teams have found that a mere page-to-page response delay inadvertently leads to a 7% decline in ecommerce conversions. In addition, this is another reason why availability is important because potential prospects or website visitors are likely to be lost after short downtime. Not only does the downtime of a website affect your overall traffic and loss of revenue, it can also make a bad impression on your search engine ranking.
3. Security of the website. A report shows that about 30,000 websites are hacked every day. This means that you must do your best to protect confidential information on your site. Different hosting providers offer their own security measures. Some provide robotic safety checks and protect against DDoS attacks. If malicious attacks reach your site, it's best to have a backup copy of all your data. For this reason, a number of services provide backup copies of the daily or weekly data.

There are also various types of web hosting services to consider. Shared Web Hosting hosts multiple sites on a single server, making it the cheapest but also the riskiest option, as a very popular site on the same server can affect your resources. Dedicated web hosting is the opposite of shared web hosting because you have a complete server for your operations. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is very similar to shared server hosting because multiple sites occupy a single server, but is more stable because each site has its own computing resources. There are many other types of accommodation, and it is up to you to choose the one you want, dedicated hosting or shared hosting.

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