The Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business

Best Hosting Service for Website - It seems that everyone has a website these days. And why not The low price of web hosting - initial and ongoing - of your website makes it more affordable than ever. Web hosting is easy to set up and maintain so everyone can do it.

Best Hosting Services for Small Business

Web hosting allows your website to be live, online and visible to visitors to your site. Your website and its contents are stored on what is called a server connected to the Internet so that users can access it. Every time you add a page, a photo, a video or other content on your site, it will be loaded on your host.

Each website uses's web hosting to fun video sites that your friends share on Facebook. Individuals and small businesses also use web hosting.
You can use a website for your personal blog, your freelance career to show your wallet, your stationery business or just a personal website for fun. In your case, you are looking for a website for your online business / e-commerce. This is your online store where prospects and customers will review your products and hopefully buy them.

Web hosting companies specialize in providing these servers and related technologies. However, there are several options. That's why it's so important to closely monitor your web hosting provider. You do not want downtime or website visitors have trouble accessing your website. This is your business, and problems with your website mean you will not earn money.

So, you do not want to invest your money and trust a solution that will not work. You also want a web hosting provider offering 24/7 support if there is a problem with your web hosting.

How do you know with hundreds, if not thousands, of web hosting companies and services that are right for you? Which ones offer good service and which are not reliable? Who can manage the growth of your business, from the online store to the big online retailer? How much disk space and bandwidth do you need and which providers or types of web hosting can they manage?

Which web hosting service offers the best value for money?

Do not think that cheaper is better if you consider your options. As your online business grows, your web hosting needs become more complex as you see more traffic on your site. In other words, you need more disk space and bandwidth to serve all visitors. You need systems responsible for this growth - you do not want to be surprised when a major breakthrough occurs for your business.

Let's review this list of the five most common types of web hosting and find the one that's right for you.

1. Shared Web Hosting
With this type of web hosting, your website is on a server with other websites ... maybe hundreds. In general, this is the cheapest option. The problem with these types of shared servers is that your website may be affected by other websites.
A site that receives a lot of traffic can slow down your site. Therefore, this is probably only the best option if you start your online business.

The main advantage is that it is not expensive: about 5 to 20 USD per month. Sharing accommodation is a great option if you start your online business and try to keep track of costs. Most web hosting providers offering shared web hosting also offer other options that you can use to upgrade your business as you grow your business.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Typically, the first type of upgrade you perform with your web hosting, as your business grows, is the step from a shared web hosting account to a virtual private server. With a Virtual Private Server or VPS, you can bridge the gap between cost-effective shared hosting and your own dedicated server. In this configuration, there are multiple VPS on a physical server, sharing the hardware and a guaranteed portion of the computing power of that server. However, a VPS works like a separate server from the others: the other hosted sites do not affect your site. These virtual private servers run from $ 50 to $ 200 depending on bandwidth and memory requirements.

3. Own web server
If you continue with our topic on updating your web hosting options, your logical upgrade will be to be a dedicated server once your organization exceeds the requirements of a virtual private server.

This is an ideal web hosting solution for a small online business because it offers maximum flexibility. With this solution, you only have your own physical server for your website, which gives you complete control. There are no other websites on the server that can affect your website by slowing down. You get the speed and security you need.

Here is a disadvantage. You probably need to hire someone, a system administrator, who will run the technical side of this server. Because root permissions exist on the server, this is a necessity.

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