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Google Web Hosting Plan - There are old standby: backlinks, content creation, sitemaps and robots.txt files. There is also something new to discover: voice search, introductory excerpts, the Mobile First Index.

In the midst of noise, a factor is often overlooked, although it can affect the availability of your website and the speed of your site. Both are essential elements for maintaining a positive organic performance.

Google Website Hosting Plans

The host you choose determines the overall consistency of the web experience that you provide to the organic visitors (and to all visitors).

If you want to avoid server errors and page laps and prevent users from returning to Google, you need a solid web host you can rely on.
In the end, you want a web host that supports your organic efforts rather than hindering them. Let's look at five key features that define a web hosting company optimized for SEO.

1. High availability guarantee
The availability guarantee of your host is certainly the most important factor for the usability of referencing.

Availability is the percentage of time your website is online and accessible. The higher your availability, the less likely visitors will visit your site to find out they are unavailable. They will be returned to the search engines, which could compromise your ranking. Better and more reliable hosts offer higher availability guarantees.

For best results, choose a host with an availability guarantee of at least 99.9% (or higher if you can get it). This means approximately 1.44 minutes of unavailability per day and 8.8 hours per year. Not bad.

However, beware of any host claiming to have 100% uptime. There will always be time out. The key is to keep it as short as possible. This does not affect your SEO performance.

2. Server location
Availability refers to the content of your website made available to users. However, the location of the server can determine how quickly it can access it.

If you are on a shared hosting plan, VPS or dedicated server, your site is somewhere on a physical server in a data center (as opposed to cloud hosting, where your data is stored in the cloud) .

Ideally, you want the data center to be as close as possible to the majority of visitors to your website. The more the server is deleted, the longer it takes to load your site.

The server location may also seem lazy for search engines, which can affect your SEO. If you operate in a country but use a host halfway, something unpleasant can happen.

It goes without saying that the servers themselves must be fast and that the host must further improve performance via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

3. Several options
We like all possibilities. You should also enjoy it with your webhosting.
In addition to hosting, many hosting companies offer optional additional services that can help you to enhance your website. Here are some examples of easy-to-use SEO solutions:

• Automatic backups: When a problem occurs, you want a site backup that you can quickly restore. Check if your host offers free automatic backups or at extra cost.
• SSL: HTTPS has been a ranking factor for years. If you have not yet migrated to a secure site, you need to get in shape. Make sure your host supports SSL. Some even include it for free in your hosting package.
• Multiple hosting plans: As your website grows, your hosting requirements may change (which is a good thing!). Your traffic may be large enough to fail over to your own dedicated server. This transition will be easier (and cheaper) if you do not need to change the hosting provider at the same time.
4. Good ratings
Okay, let's say you use this list to compare hosts. At this point, you've read their hosting features and it looks like they're checking everything right.

It is now time to confirm that the marketing claims are true. Before registering with a host, read the comments online.

A disadvantage: The hosting area is criticized by the critics rather.
If a barista spoils your coffee, you probably will not bother writing a damning coffee review on Yelp.

However, if your site fails for a moment or if you have a bug (which can happen if you choose an inappropriate hosting plan for your traffic needs), you become extremely hostile and talk aloud and blog about it.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of the business. That means you can still gather lots of valuable information from your comments. Search for hosts that are repeatedly listed in the top web host lists and read reviews to make sure that the hosting plan you are considering will probably provide you with what you need.

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